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Ds knee ?!

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abigfuckinghohoho Thu 05-Jan-17 19:30:47

Posting in here for traffic to see if there's any nurses/doctors on here that might be able to help (seeing a paed with interests in rheumatology on Tuesday) ds knees have been swelling back and forth for a year or so he has clubfoot in his left side so calf is a bit slimmer on that side , we've seen this Rheuma before because ds orthopaedic consultant seen the swelling and she reckoned arthritis (runs in family) it's not hot to touch and doesn't stop him walking but he complains of pain , last paed diagnosed hypermobile joints and says nothing wrong with him - thoughts? Pic attached

chloesmumtoo Fri 06-Jan-17 13:08:42

Hi, sorry may not be much help but just wondered looking at pics does his feet roll inwards? Both my dc had dropped arches and feet that rolled in. They both had physio to do foot exercises for years. Was also told they had hypermobile joints too. Heard so many different things at the time about special insoles for shoes in this circumstance, however our physiotherapist did not recommend it on ds and promoted the exercises for building muscles and then changed views by the time of dd. Dd never did get insoles as we were confused on what was best after conflicting info for years although we were told we could get them if problems kept up. Dd still suffers many joint pains esp the knees. We gave up on the physio as she kept having to miss secondary school and she took up cheerleading which kept her muscle tone.
If he does roll in on inner edge of feet it tends to off set knee joints. My dd gets mysterious bruising on knees and pains too but no swelling. She often wears a knee brace for sport and trainers are help with a good arch support. Also was always told to have firm shoes that help hold food in correct position.
I definately think it looks like he rolls in on pic. Also view him from back too. Quite often balance is found to be difficult and things like riding a bike because of the foot position. Check to see if he has an arch formation or whether his feet are more flat to floor. I can't see properly in pic but could have this aswell as something else
This page has picture of back of foot where you see the curve
Hope someone can help better.

chloesmumtoo Fri 06-Jan-17 15:59:27

Have attached pic of dd's flat feet for reference. But definately think something else is going on with his knees. Hope someone else can advise you soon.

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