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2 week old DS stomach problems

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Pandora88 Thu 05-Jan-17 17:24:53

These started 3 days ago - he feeds very little (used to latch on for 45 min, now we are lucky if he goes on for 10 and usually more like 5 mins a session sad) on top of that he is spitting up what seems like a lot of the feeds, and cries after feeding with what seems like stomach upset.

After each feed he may initially try to sleep but wakes up after 30 seconds, arches his back and kicks the air, making a noise as if he is in pain. He poos normal looking stool but even that doesn't alleviate the problem.

But the midwifes and HV are "not worried" and put it down as "gas" - we give him infacol, burp after feeds and I breast feed those tiny amounts on demand - none of these measures help.

Because of this he hardly gets any sleep at all bless him, and whereas he doesn't always scream and shout he seems to be unable to have a good sleep due to what seems like a constant discomfort.

We had a checkup meeting a couple days ago and because he gained some weight again the HV is "not concerned" - well of course he likely gained weight for 10 or so days after birth and only started feeling poorly the last few days so it is likely any weight loss he had has not yet offset what he gained confused

I find it hard to get any health professional to take this seriously and I'm getting really quite worried. He just looks like he is suffering so much, but the only advise we get given is to basically chill out sad

Did any of you had a similar experience and would be able to shed light on what's the issue here? Any methods to help alleviate the problem apart of what we are already doing? How do I get our HV to take this seriously?

A very worried mum...

IwillrunIwillfly Thu 05-Jan-17 20:42:31

It sounds like reflux, where milk and acid from his stomach come up after feeds. Keeping him upright after a feed can help as well as putting his for on a slight tilt so he isn't lying totally flat. But if he's unsettled and feeding less then make an appointment to see your gp. Some health visitors are great at recognising it, others not so gold. Same goes for gps! Theres are lots of medicines they can give to help. None of them are instant fixes generally but hopefully they will help.

bumbleymummy Thu 05-Jan-17 20:56:41

Maybe something you are eating is upsetting his tummy? I had to cut certain foods out of my diet when mine were tiny. Try posting on the feeding board. I know quite a few people that saw improvements when they changed their diets slightly in the early days.

Dilligaf81 Thu 05-Jan-17 20:58:11

Onions and garlic used to do this to one of mine so i cut it out and after 48 hours it resolved itself.

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