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Movicol - 8 sachets a day and still no explosion

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user1483614395 Thu 05-Jan-17 11:34:25

My DS is 3 1/2 and has never been regular and not going for a week was quite normal. He had been on lactulose for about 6 months, but this NY day we took him to OOH GP at the hospital as he hadn't been for two weeks and was in a lot of pain, they sent us straight to the pediatrician who advised he is very bunged up and prescribed 8 sachets of Movicol a day until his next appointment 10 days after.

So we are now on day 5 and as of yet no explosion or lumps - Sorry to be graphic! (Pede advised it should happen in 2-3 days) all we are getting is lots of what only be described as muddy water, and I mean lots.

DS doesn't seem to be in any pain now, but appititie has been a little low for the last week. We are concerned that the blockage is taking too long to come out. His belly does look very bloated and round.

Any help from others who have been in a similar scenario would be appreciated.

NotTheOriginalGreen Thu 05-Jan-17 12:00:09

How much liquid is coming out? If it's quite a lot then that could be the blockage itself. Movicol draws water into the bowel to soften the stool and if they keep withholding then it eventually turns to liquid and comes out whether they want it to or not. It doesn't cause the bowel to contract, like laxatives such as sena, so it leaks out rather than explodes out if that makes sense? Keep going with the Movicol and if you're concerned then don't be afraid to contact a doctor.

Your poor DS. We were stuck in a withholding-impaction cycle for years but we finally seem to coming out of it now. My DS's Movicol dose seemed to be on a permanently sliding scale - up to disimpact and back down to maintenance dose over and over. He was a chronic withholder so until he could get passed that the issue wouldnt be resolved.

BarbarianMum Thu 05-Jan-17 12:57:08

I'd keep going with the Movicol. I'm pretty sure that it can "dissolve" the blockage too, so the fact that he's passing lots of liquid is good.

user1483614395 Thu 05-Jan-17 13:32:01

The liquid is coming out very frequently. He was only recently potty trained to do a number one, but number two we hadn't got to, but we have had to put him back into nappies because of the amount of liquid that comes out, sometimes it looks like there has been an explosion down there. We even have to change him over night becuase it even pours out of him whilst asleep.

DS has always had a belly when full or before he has had a big number 2. His belly is still very big and rounded, so does Movicol make you bloated, or is that likely still to be the blockage?

Thank you all for your assistance, and taking time out to answer our concerns on this rather disgusting subject.

ExplodedCloud Thu 05-Jan-17 13:36:29

Movicol doesn't make your belly swollen. Sounds like your poor boy has been impacted for a long time and what you've seen as runny before was overflow. Keep on with the movicol.

BarbarianMum Thu 05-Jan-17 13:37:58

If you are worried about the bloating take him to see the GP but the constant flow and needing to be in nappies for now sounds normal (desirable even). I have had to do bowel cleansing before colonoscopies and you would not believe how much is in there even when you are not constipated. Just make sure he's drinking plenty (on top of the movicol) and don't give him too much fibre (a very high fibre diet causes problems when you have very bad constipation.

user1483614395 Thu 05-Jan-17 14:06:24

Thanks for your replies.

He has two sachets in his morning cereal with about 150ml milk, four sachets in a 250ml bottle of water throughout the day, although this is a pain to give him because it tastes disgusting and he has only ever liked water and not any juices, the remaining two in a milkshake later in the day. Other than that we can only get him to drink about 200ml of water. It probably would be different in summer, but its hard to get him to drink lots at the moment, but hope it's enough to make the Movicol fully effective

He has always had such a big appetite, and its strange to see him off his food. He will eat, but not as much and not so willingly. Peed did say that once he has had a clearout, he will have to go onto a maintenance dose for some time as his bowel has stretched over time and needs time to shrink back to normal size.

Sounds as if you all have a lot of confidence in Movicol, which is reassuring and puts our minds at rest. The bloating should hopefully subside once it has fully cleared him out and he should get his appetite back.

Thank you all for your time.

BarbarianMum Thu 05-Jan-17 14:45:15

Remember that things like ice lollies and wet foods like soup, watermelon, milk on cereal etc count as drink, if you want to increase his liquid intake. Ds2 was on a maintenance dose for 18 months and has now been off it for 4 months. Fingers crossed but all is going well.

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