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Watch and wait or GP appt? (Poo related!)

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ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Wed 04-Jan-17 16:55:34

DS (nearly 4) has been potty trained for 2 years, doesn't used nappies at all.
For about 3 weeks he can't get to the loo quick enough and ends up pooing himself until he rushes to the loo.
He's also worken up and he's had a loose stool in the night.
Thought it may be a tummy bug as his poos are watery but it seems to continue and getting worse (5x today so far, bit mucusy too).
It's really hard to get a GP appt and don't want to waste time to be told it's a bug but somethings telling me to book a routine appt.

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Wed 04-Jan-17 22:35:23

Anyone? smile

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Thu 05-Jan-17 23:03:37


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