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High calorie packed lunch options?

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Maranello4 Sun 01-Jan-17 21:20:54

Hi there! My son is three and has always been on the small side (25th centile when he was 2 and on no line for part of his early life). He was bf for 10 months but isn't fussy and eats most foods. I'm already adding cream/butter to his portion of the cooked food we have at home. We previously saw the Dr when he was two about his weight - who advised me to keep doing what I'm doing as he's clearly very slim and is very active.

He's about to do full days at nursery which means I'll need to provide a chilled packed lunch for him. I would welcome any ideas on anything you've tried/ sandwich options?

Bogburglar75 Sun 01-Jan-17 21:30:12

Do you know what centile he's on now, and whether that's height, weight or BMI? My DD is 9th centile for height and similar for weight. I've never been advised to feed her particularly high calorie foods, have just given as well balanced a diet as she's prepared to eat because she's a fussy monkey and like your DS she has been very healthy and active.

Id probably go with what he likes and plenty of it rather than worrying about packing in calories. But obvious high calorie foods would be cheese, yogurt. Carton of milk?

Fluffy24 Sun 01-Jan-17 21:36:32

Is is it definate that you can't have something heated up at nursery? Ours take chilled things and heat them in microwave or oven, so lots of pasta, chilli and rice, beans on toast etc.

Failing that could you maybe do a hot meal sent in a flask so it doesn't need to be heated? Again pasta, soups, etc?

Maranello4 Sun 01-Jan-17 22:14:08

Hi again So no I don't know what centile he's on currently but will measure/weigh tomorrow as that might help with not worrying as much...! He was two weeks early and on the 25th centile and then wasn't on any centile line until 18 weeks so was putting on weight but very slowly. Since then he stayed at the 0.4 centile and has gone to 2nd/9th/25th at various points. I was advised by the health visitor at his one year check up to increase the calories on his food e.g. with puddings, adding cheese etc., move onto full fat cows milk.

Maranello4 Sun 01-Jan-17 22:17:50

Hi Fluffy24 Now that's an interesting point, I hadn't thought about that - it would certainly make things easier if I could give him things like pasta which he loves.

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