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Amyaa Sat 31-Dec-16 08:57:06

My daughter is one and refuses to drink any kind of milk. I'm worried that she'll miss out on the vitamins and minerals of milk. Are there any supplements people can recommend that will help fill in the gaps.

Thankyou. smile x

Squaffle Sat 31-Dec-16 09:02:01

My daughter is slightly younger but doesn't drink the recommended daily amount of milk. I give her the WellBaby vitamins with iron (got them in Holland & Barrett as could only find non-iron ones in Boots and Superdrug). My health visitors also gave me some really useful NHS leaflets about calcium and iron and how much is in food/drink so that I can make sure she's getting enough through her diet. I'm sure if you go to your baby clinic you will be able to ask for some. The Health Visitors have never been bothered about my DD's low milk intake as long as she is growing. Good luck smile

dementedpixie Sun 01-Jan-17 14:14:03

You're advised to supplement vitamin A,C and D up to the age of 5. Does she eat other dairy products as you don't need to get the calcium from milk as a drink as cheese, yoghurt, cereal with milk, etc will have the same nutrients

ramnikmathur Mon 02-Jan-17 02:53:23

RCPCH recommend that all children under 5 should take multivitamin supplements. If not drinking milk, Ca and Vit D should definitely be supplemented, but taking a Multivitamin with Iron is a good idea.

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