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anyone else had long term virus?

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scrabble1 Thu 29-Dec-16 21:52:45

Started with ds,10 with vomiting bug. Then he had a nasty croupy cough for 8 weeks and another bout of sickness. GP did blood tests and came back as raised white blood cells, indicating a viral infection. Not anaemic. He has been using an inhaler and it helped the cough. Then I got full blown flu. Went to GP today, that was my first step out of house for 3 weeks. GP prescribed antibiotics and told me to rest. This evening ds started shaking and saying he felt sick. Again!!! He is so fed up and not himself at all. Usually a healthy and very lively person. This all seems endless and awful to see him so fed up. My mum isn't well so no respite and I feel guilty he hasn't been anywhere since school holiday started. Some very aggressive bugs going around

shewolfmum Thu 29-Dec-16 23:41:10

Yes...i had sicknedd and then cold and now still coughing 4 weeks on...dry gagging awful. Wet myself in john lewis with the cough not my finest hour..i am mega dosing vit c today to try and shift it!

scrabble1 Fri 30-Dec-16 18:06:26

Same happened to me blush shewolfmum.

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