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Cold sore

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HowManyMoreTimes Tue 27-Dec-16 19:33:03

DD, just 4, has developed a cold sore on the side of her mouth. Can I use Zovirax on her?

Wolfiefan Tue 27-Dec-16 19:33:48

Are you sure it's a cold sore? Definitely not impetigo for example?

HowManyMoreTimes Tue 27-Dec-16 20:08:05

Not 100% sure, to be honest! Dh gets them and thinks that's what it is, but we don't have the box or info to check if we can use it at her age.
It was a small red area last night, and is probably twice the size this evening and looks like a popped blister (tiny bit of ragged skin) she does talk a lot!

IwillrunIwillfly Tue 27-Dec-16 20:11:12

As far as I remember its fine for use in kids. A pharmacist might be helpful though and should be able to look 1st it first and confirm that's what it is. Depending on where you live there might be some chemists open late.

originalmavis Tue 27-Dec-16 20:11:27

Try tea tree oil (not the neat stuff). I think zovirax shouldn't be used on smaller children.

HowManyMoreTimes Tue 27-Dec-16 20:14:13

Both chemists were closed earlier, it's a small village. She's also finally asleep after several stupidly late nights recently so will leave her for now, but see a pharmacist in the morning.

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