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Prolonged diarrhoea in baby

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MetalMidget Tue 27-Dec-16 12:28:13

Just posting for some advice and reassurance, really. My five month old has had diarrhoea for nine days now. I contacted the doctor on Christmas eve, and she said to get back in touch if it hadn't cleared up by Thursday. I'm just wondering if I should be pushing more?

He's not being sick and doesn't have a fever, but his stools are dark green and frequent (he'd dropped down to four throughout the entirety of yesterday, but has ramped up again today (four dirty nappies so far, suspect a fifth in waiting...). He's feeding fine, seems happy and content, weeing fine too.

He's exclusively breastfed, and I've not really had any changes to my diet. He's my first, so I'm not sure what needs attention/further investigation and what needs to just be ridden out!

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