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Baby's first cold - reassurance?

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Thistledew Mon 26-Dec-16 19:19:57

DS is 5 months. He has his first cold and a cough, which he has had for 3 days now with the worst day being yesterday. It is on his chest and he has a few times coughed up clear mucus. He has a big cough once an hour or less. He has been a bit more tired and fractious than normal, but has been happy to play with his toys for short periods.

I'm currently giving him his feed before bedtime and can hear a wheeze on his chest. His breaths don't seem laboured and are less than 60 per minute.

My instinct is that the wheeze is just mucus in his airways and that he will be fine when he manages to shift it, but would appreciate some thoughts about the wheeze. Does it need urgent medical attention or should I just monitor to check his breathing does not become distressed?

He is my first, so I have no prior experience of babies with colds!

galaxygirl45 Mon 26-Dec-16 19:26:32

Most colds are fairly harmless and just mean a few days of snuffles/coughs. If he's still feeding OK, then don't worry too much. Lots of extra cuddles and warm baths help, and Calpol every 4 hours if he's a bit miserable. If the mucus goes yellow, he starts pulling at his ears, is struggling to feed, or has a high temperature then get him checked over. There is a virus called RSV (Bronchiolitis) that babies can get and affect their airways at this time of year to keep an eye out for. It's a wet bubbly sounding cough though rather than a wheeze.

Frollyhollyday Mon 26-Dec-16 19:29:19

I was told by my dr that if chest sounds rattley then get an appt.

peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 26-Dec-16 19:40:40

Likelihood is that it's mucus in his throat that he can't shift, especially if he's only been poorly three days. Lots of milk and cuddles and calpol/ibuprofen. Snufflebabe vapour rub on a muslin in his cot at night, or a dab rubbed on his pyjamas. Calpol do a plug-in vaporiser which really helps. Run the shower hot and let the bathroom steam up, and let him breathe in the air for a minute.
Poor sausage, it is so sad when they're poorly sad

Thistledew Mon 26-Dec-16 20:12:53

Thanks all for the reassurance and suggestions. I'll keep a close eye and if he is not improved tomorrow will probably make him an appointment. It's not nice seeing him feel so rubbish. sad

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