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ds - 6 year old - suddenly vomiting - lansoprazole

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hazeyjane Fri 23-Dec-16 23:42:49

Anyone have any experiences of reflux in children.

Ds has had reflux since he was a baby, but never particularly vomity. In the last couple of months he has started vomiting - usually just the once, he goes very still and pale and sometimes signs that he has a flutter in his throat. He has told me on his talker that it is a 'bad poo make sick' - he has lots of problems with constipation too.
We have also been concerned when he has these episodes that they could be seizure related
He had a sickness bug last weekend, was clear by Tues night, but was sick once on Weds and tonight when I went into check on him he had been sick in his sleep and was covered. He had gone a bit zoned out and floppy before bed, but had been fine today and yesterday.
Saw the gp on Weds and she prescribed Lansoprazole, which we are struggling to get into him. Should this help with the vomiting - I am terrified knowing he was sick silently in his sleep.

lougle Fri 23-Dec-16 23:56:46

Oh that's distressing, Hazey. If it's acid reflux that is causing the vomiting, then the lanzoprazole will reduce the stomach acidity, which should reduce the trigger for vomiting. So it's worth a bash.

If it's constipation that's causing him to 'back up' so he doesn't have room for what he's eaten, so he vomits, then a gut motility medication might be helpful, alongside a laxative to keep things going.

Starsandcars9 Sat 24-Dec-16 00:25:36

You can use an angelcare breathing monitor on an older child too - just pop it under his mattress - might give you some peace of mind re sleep?
A bit strange why he should suddenly get worse symptoms now at 6 - are they sure it's digestion related?!

hazeyjane Sat 24-Dec-16 07:03:30

We had an angelcare monitor, which broke, but could get another.
I've no idea why it would suddenly be vomity reflux, but he has always had silent reflux and constipation.
The constipation has definitely worsened, despite movicol (4-8 sachets a day). His diet is not great, because he is a very restricted eater, but I try to get a soluble fibre into his diet (a supplement)
I hadn't thought about the back up poo making him vomit, lougle.
Is there a reflux med that can stop the regurgitation, or best to just have the lansoprazole stopping acid production.
I need to get in touch with his paediatrician, but of course it's Christmas, and he is impossible to get in touch with at the best of times!

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