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My one year old wakes up screaming

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Abbylou13 Sat 17-Dec-16 20:35:05


For the last 2/3 weeks my one year old son has been waking up 3/4 times a night in pain.

He's breast fed (2/3times a night or less) but on solids through the day with no breast milk. During the day he's perfectly okay, happy, smiley, moving around all of the time; he goes to sleep fine (with no feed) but has recently been waking up uncomfortable, screaming and obviously in pain. He can't seem to get comfortable no matter what we do, he writhes, kicks, arches his back, goes rigid, screams, cries etc the only way we can calm him down is to walk around with him to relax him.

He had colic as a baby and currently has a hernia, (also had a diaphragmatic hernia at birth) we believe he's waking up because of trapped wind. We've tried; massage, gripe water and infacol to help him, but they've not really helped all that much. He's not (as far as we're aware) allergic to any foods.

Has anyone got any advice, hints, tips, remedies, or medicines they can recommend as we've been up every hour/half hour or couple of hours for weeks. Going to book a doctors appointment this week so would like to go with some ideas if possible.

Thanks all

Haggisfish Sat 17-Dec-16 20:37:01

Try ranitidine-you have to push to get it but will help if it's acid reflux.

Abbylou13 Sat 17-Dec-16 20:54:55

Not heard of that, will take a look. Thank you

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