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Tummy bug or appendicitis?

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rubberballcomebouncingbacktome Sat 17-Dec-16 13:09:55

Just wondered how you tell the difference (at the early stages) and when to worry about a tummy ache/bug being appendicitis?

7 year old felt sick from 3am with tummy pain, was sick for a few times over night and had tummy pain around the belly button area.

7-9am sick a bit more and worse pain, was eating nothing, gave paracetamol & rang 111 for OOH appointment or advise.

They triaged a GP should call, by 10am he had completely picked up and pain was 0 so I cancelled the GP call back (didn't want to waste resources).

Now he is saying pain is back and feels sick, what worries me is the Medicine masked the pain so that could point to appendix more than a bug...

He is not got an upset stomach & not rushing to the loo, but is in pain.

Husband out for the day and all 3 children at home so just looking for advise and what to look out for as the day goes on?

I did the hopping test/jump test (that I had read about on here) at 3am and he said that made it worse and then he was sick?

Going to take his temperature now & give more calpol for pain as that seemed to work earlier, temp was not raised earlier.

Realitea Sat 17-Dec-16 13:15:31

I would just call the doctor back. Let them know everything you've written here.

hoolabaybee Sat 17-Dec-16 13:30:54

Sounds like appendix to me OP my daughters boyfriend had it in the summer n he was same n pain got worse

rubberballcomebouncingbacktome Sat 17-Dec-16 14:38:38

Thanks for your replies, he seems ok again now but will keep a close eye & book OOH if he dips again.

oldbirdy Sat 17-Dec-16 18:54:29

My DD had similar symptoms - pain at tummy button area, very severe, but came and went, vomiting and no diarrhea. She had no high temperature, and wasn't passing wind either. She turned out to have intussusception, a telescoped bowel. I thought it was a bad tummy bug but she didn't pick up when she had calpol or after the usual 24 hours. It took a while to find as they don't look for it if you are over 2 as it's rare in this age group, they kept investiagting for appendicitis but it wasn't presenting right for that so they were nonplussed for a while. Just mentioning in case it does come back. She is fine after an operation but i would have been very serious if they hadn't found it when they eventually did.

rubberballcomebouncingbacktome Sat 17-Dec-16 19:04:00

Thank you will keep a close eye, the pain is back which was reported as I thought it was safe to have a glass of wine!
Given calpol & will put him in my bed & then follow through with OOH appointment in the morning and hopefully won't need to do a middle of the night A&E dash (as done too many of those over the last 7 years)

His temp is only slightly up so may just be a virus/end-of-termitis!

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