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Tummy cramps possible cows milk protein intolerance? 8.5 month baby

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ForestPath Thu 15-Dec-16 20:06:37

DS has what I think is wind pain pretty much every night, it's been going on for maybe 3 months. He cries and arches his back and is very twisty. Sometimes he passes wind. Sometimes cries and whimpers in his sleep. He wakes up a lot throughout the night. His tummy also often appears bloated. Because he doesn't seem bothered by it during the day HV doesn't think he cries because of tummy pain but I'm pretty convinced it's cramps. I'm wondering if it could be CMPI. Prior to weaning his poo was always runny and quite mucousy but now often looks constipated. He also has some mild eczema.

Anyway I went to the GP today asking for hypoallergenic formula (I give both formula and breast milk) but she prescribed aptamil lactose free which upon googling seems not to be a hydrolysate just lactose free.... Does anyone know if this is true? I want to try a hydrolysed formula first seeing that lactose intolerance in babies is rare but CPMI more common. Any advice of a good brand of hypoallergenic formula to try?

Maybe it's not a food allergy, maybe wind pain like this is common, but worth a try to see rather than doing nothing... Infacol and tummy massage doesn't help. I'm finding it hard to cope with never getting a good nights sleep and seeing him in pain...

hanban89 Thu 15-Dec-16 22:18:45

My DD2 was prescribed neocate and that is for a protein intolerance, not just lactose. Ask to be referred to a pediatric dietician as they understand it much better than the GPs.
Your DS sounds exactly like what my DD was like.

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