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3 year old won't wear his glasses

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Ames33 Sun 11-Dec-16 09:59:55

Please help, my 3 year old ds has just got glasses for a wandering eye. He will not wear them, says they hurt his eyes. He is an extremely stubborn boy and nothing we say is making him put them on! I even resorted to saying santa wants you to wear them, but he is just not bothered!
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

EmeliaHerveyHenryFitzroy Sun 11-Dec-16 12:59:46

It's a common problem I think!

Does he understand time? Could he agree to wear them for 5 minutes? Then gradually increase the time increment. It may be a case of gradual desentisation so that he learns to tolerate them.

If it is an issue of him asserting his "independence" then give him a choice i.e. Wear the glasses and go to the playground or don't wear the glasses and stay home. Warning - you must make sure that he'd want to go to the playground more than he'd want to not wear the glasses!

Also you could leave them out for him to independently examine and take ownership of if that type of thing suits him.

Try to make it where it is his choice to wear them and let him gradually increase the length he wear them.

Hope something here is helpful. Good luck.

Ames33 Thu 02-Feb-17 23:40:20

I'm so sorry, I have only just seen your reply!!
Thanks for the tips, we are still struggling but he is getting better at wearing them! Xx

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