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Precocious puberty update

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0AliasGrace0 Tue 29-Nov-16 15:59:48

Had a thread but I seem to have lost it. Just wanted to update in case it helps others.

In short, my (then) 5 year old started developing pubic hair and smelling of BO this summer. She was referred to the paediatrician and today we have finally had all the test results back. She's been diagnosed with premature adrenarche - so the adrenal glands are producing excess hormone. There's no treatment and they don't think it should cause any problems. We'll continue to be monitored, particularly her height and weight, and have a repeat of the tests at various intervals to ensure nothing else is going on.

We go back next month and then I'll get a better idea of frequency of monitoring, but overall, good news!

youcantgoback Tue 29-Nov-16 17:47:58

Glad to hear that all is ok. Please do make sure they monitor her and carry out bone age xrays. That will confirm her bone age isn't accelerating too quickly and reduces her height potential.
The Child Growth Foundation have information on this.

TwinkleTwinkleLittleBat Tue 29-Nov-16 18:13:21

If it's any reassurance, my Dd had this. It has not affected her adversely at all. For years nothing more happened than the things you describe OP. Her periods did not begin esp early and she has grown into a gorgeous tall slim teenager (she's 5' 11"). She never needed any medication.

I remember being extremely worried and protective of her at the time. I was so worried she was becoming an adult too soon and would miss out being a little girl first. I couldn't find out much about it and it wasn't something I wanted to discuss generally with people who knew her.

I did explain to her that she'd got a few changes earlier than some of her friends, but kept it all upbeat. She pretty much forgot about it and had a normal preteen life and did not display any other signs of puberty until she was older. I hope this reassures anyone worrying about this. It all turned out ok smile

0AliasGrace0 Tue 29-Nov-16 20:04:47

Thanks for that Twinkle I was very concerned at first, particularly as she has jumped a centile on the height charts (now 91st-98th). She's dealt with it all brilliantly, and isn't bothered by the pubic hair. I've told her that it's something we all get, she's just got hers a little earlier and she has been fine with it, I hope it continues! 5'11" - I can see DD being in these realms too, her projected height is around 6'. Very pleased to hear your daughter is well, it's very comforting to hear from others who have been through it, so thank you for that. Part of the reason for my update is so that others googling as I was back in the summer will hopefully have something positive to stumble upon. As you say, it's not your average topic of conversation is it?!

She's had her bone age test and I get a copy of all the results when we go back next month youcant I intend to take them into work with me so my ward consultant can have a gander. Thank you also for sharing x

0AliasGrace0 Fri 30-Dec-16 20:36:44

We had our follow up appointment yesterday. It went well. Her height is stable - no more centile jumping! Her bone age was 6yrs 10 months, so approx 11 months ahead at the time it was done, which they aren't concerned about. All the other results are being posted to me.

The good news is they still feel it's isolated and will continue to monitor. We go back in 6 months but if there are any changes I'm to ring and they will bring it forward. There's still a small possibility it may be a precursor to precocious puberty, but they reiterated that it probably isn't. They do feel that she will probably start puberty young, but that if this occurs after the age of 8, they won't do anything which terrifies me .

So now I'm thinking about when I'll need to have further discussions with her, and how to do it. I guess it can wait for the moment, but I'll need to arm her with the facts and her irrational fear of blood is going to have to disappear! I'm thinking a book? Anyone else delved into this area with a younger child? Any pointers would be appreciated.

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