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Floppy Larynx

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mrsbee2be Thu 24-Nov-16 21:28:58

Does anyone have any experience of a floppy larynx?
My DS is 6 weeks and been extremely noisy since birth, no one has been able to tell us why until today. Took him for a routine HV check and an older HV knew what it was straight away.
Just wondering if anyone has any personal experience of this? How to handle people's comments, did you get referred to have it confirmed etc....
Oh & when did you DC's stop being so noisy!!

Dustpan Thu 24-Nov-16 21:45:21

Hello mrsbee, my DS is now 2.4 and was diagnosed with floppy larynx at about 12 weeks old. We saw ENT at Great Ormond St. Camera down nose to confirm the diagnosis (horrible for poor DS but it only lasted a min).

His stridor was v loud at night - sounded like a donkey in the room - and I used to get funny looks when we were out & he fell asleep and started honking! I'd smile warmly & say to people "please don't worry, he makes a funny sound but he can breathe fine, he's not in trouble".

It eased off gradually and I think was gone by about 6 months old.

The associated reflux issues were much harder to deal with than the stridor. We found renitadine helped, plus baby gaviscon, and lots of upright time after feeds (sling was great).

Good luck!

mrsbee2be Thu 24-Nov-16 22:12:26

Hi.... yes sounds exactly the same, although we haven't had it officially confirmed but the HV was pretty sure of it today... which after 6 weeks of no one knowing is a great relief! We have a GP appointment next week so we'll see what she says, it'd be good to get it confirmed.
Thank you.. your post helps me in the fact of it may just be a temporary thing.

He just seems to get louder as the day goes on and especially when he's hungry or needs something, I've just got into bed (he's with me) & laid down to feed, he's making so much noise I think he may explode! I think a combo of excitement (boob) & tiredness & being impatient is all a bit too much for him, but he rarely cries so it could be worse I guess. We haven't had any reflux problems... yet.
Any tips for helping reduce the noise? Anything you found that helped? He's currently honking away like a flock of geese!!

accendo Thu 24-Nov-16 22:26:09

Hi my daughter has a floppy larynx, she was diagnosed when she was about 3mths old, she is now 11 years old. During the years it has complicated her colds and asthma. She sees a respiratory specialist and has had ultrasounds and a barium swallow to check for any other obstructions other than the floppy larynx.

She hasn't completely grown out of it as she still has a barking cough that can linger for weeks after a cold. Because of her age she finds this really embarrassing as people often comment on it.

mrsbee2be Fri 25-Nov-16 22:30:11

Thanks for you reply accendo....
You experience is quite different to dustpans.

My husband and I are both asthmatic so I wonder whether it will affect my DS's too, only time will tell I guess.

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