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Daugther been sick 1 week now.

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cmcd619 Thu 24-Nov-16 19:55:13

Hi my daugher is 8 and last thursday she stayed home from school becasue she felt unwell. She has had a sore tummy which she says feels like stabbing. She had a high temp all weekend and i managed it with calpol. I took her to the docs on monday and the doc said that it was just a viruis and that i had to just keep giving her the calpol.

The thing i dont get is she has not been sick even tho she does have the sicky feeling she also has no diarrhea.

Her temp is still up 39.4 last time i checked. She has hardly eatting anything since last week she has tried to eat but she says that it makes her tummy pain alot worse.

She also has a rash on her chest as soon as i seen it i paniced and did the glass test and the spots went away.

The doctor did menition an appendicitis but said it was very unlikey becasue if it was she would be in alot more pain.

She does have a slight cough but its very mild its like a cough you get at the start of a cold.

She is just getting over the chicken pox 3 weeks now so i no her body is still recovering from that.

They say a mum always knows best when it comes to there childern i just cant seem to shift the feeling that something isnt wright with her.

any advise would be great thank you.

IwillrunIwillfly Fri 25-Nov-16 23:01:42

Has she had a urine sample checked for infection? Temps over 39 for a week with no clear source I say would warrant getting her checked again. Maybe out of hours over the weekend?

flutterby77 Sun 27-Nov-16 02:10:41

This sounds like a UTI. My daughter just had the same symptoms. I also suspected appendicitis as it was similar pain location. Make a GP appointment and take a urine sample along with you. I got my daughter on antibiotics in the nick of time as her temp spiked over 40 and she had chills and shivering.

flutterby77 Sun 27-Nov-16 02:11:17

Also my daughter was off her food.

3luckystars Sun 27-Nov-16 02:20:30

I agree, I would bring her back to the doctor definitely.

can she jump up and down on one leg?

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