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Upset stomach

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akajodie87 Wed 23-Nov-16 21:00:51

Hi. I have twins that are 5. My daughter has been having some really bad stomach pains that have now lasted for 3 days. She eats less but is still eating. She is having trouble sleeping due to the pain as well. She has not had vomiting or diahrea. We went to the doctors but they just said it is due to a bug going round but im sure a bug wouldnt cause stomach pains to last this long. When she finally gets to sleep she is usually asleep by 6 when bedtime is 7.30. She is currently also hugging a heating pillow to ease the pain. Can anyone help as the doctor didnt seem like he cared and i dont want to have to keep her off school too long. She has told me that it hurts when sitting or lying down but fine when standing. Help please

Essex13 Wed 23-Nov-16 21:04:13

Hiya - my daughter has had a bug that caused awful stomach pains. She also felt very sick but was still eating. Have heard of other children with the same thing. It lasted about a week in total, we thought she was getting better but then it would come back. She is just about over it now.

thedevilinside Wed 23-Nov-16 23:25:39

Hi - my son had this a few years ago, when he was around 6. A week of stomach pains, no vomiting, loss of appetite - pretty sure it was a weird bug

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