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Bumped head a week ago

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M1ghtyb Sun 20-Nov-16 05:21:51

Looking for advice. My 11 month old was crawling on the bed when she tumbled and hit her forehead on the edge of the wooden footend. Immediately a goose egg bump appeared, she cried, I iced it down, kept an eye on her and all is fine. Fast forward 5 days, the swelling has gone with near enough no bruising on the skin (just a slight yellowing), but now there's a hard line under the skin (maybe even on the bone as when I move her skin it doesn't shift ) from where the impact was. You can see that protruding out on her forehead; has anyone had this experience before? Will this disappear? How long may it take? Tia!

RNBrie Sun 20-Nov-16 05:25:43

I'd get this looked at by a medical professional.

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