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Acute gastritis and near choking experience.

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Soindecisive Sat 19-Nov-16 07:23:20

My dd is 12 years old. 6 weeks ago she started belching and vomiting and had pain in the centre of her stomach. 2 days later she was in hospital having her appendix removed. I was told that she had swollen glands (mesenteric adenitis) and that the appendix wasn't actually infected. Her recovery from the operation was slow and after 3 weeks she was unable to walk far.

Then two weeks ago the belching and vomiting returned. Some days she could eat and keep the food down, but for most of the days the food comes back instantly. Her stomach is sore all the time.

After many trips to GP and hospital, gastritis has been diagnosed. We've had gaviscon, ranatadine (which made dd very dizzy) and now omerprazole. We've also had domperidome to reduce the sickness.

However she is still vomiting as soon as she's eaten food. Last night she felt as if she was choking as she had difficulty coughing back the food.

We are waiting for an appointment for a barium swallow but this near choking incident scared us both. I was very close to taking dd to A&E. Really worried and don't know where to turn to now.

Thanks for reading!

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