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Should I be worried?

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MrsHelenBee Sat 19-Nov-16 00:50:26

Hi there.
DS1 is five and appears to have a tummy bug. Having had a number since he was little, he seems to follow the same pattern in terms of sickness duration, but today seems different and I don't know if I should be worried.
He's seemed totally fine in himself all day and ate lunch fine, but was then massively sick a few hours later. He had no fever but I gave him Calpol and some water. He was sick again within ten minutes, and has continued since then. He's now been sick 8 times but his temperature is still fine at 36c. He's been sick on just tiny sips of water but has refused fluid for the past few hours. He was sick an hour ago and has brought up only green bile. His temperature is 36.4c. The fact it's not higher makes me wonder if it's not a tummy bug after all, but the green vomit is disturbing. Should I be worried?

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