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DD is getting a PICC line while being awake?

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RedFun Fri 18-Nov-16 14:37:07

Is this normal? I thought they did children under general or sedation? They will numb the area with cream and then numb it with an injection, but I don't know how comfy I'll be with that, as I don't think DD is going to like it... Especially as I can't be there sad

YouCanDoThis Sat 19-Nov-16 04:29:55

It was usual in my experience. There will be someone chatting to her. It's really not all that traumatic.

opinionatedfreak Sat 19-Nov-16 13:59:53

Should be fine. No worse than a cannula (often better as whoever is putting it in will be skilled at ultrasound guided IV access).

Kids pick up on parental vibes - if you sound dubious she will have a bad experience!

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