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1 year old D&V for 8 days

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puffinpants Thu 17-Nov-16 18:47:32

Just that really . He's still got dodgy nappies and it's been over a week. Seems ok in himself.

Also has a cold.

He's having an unusually long nap - still asleep now and went down st 2pm and I'm worried. He slept fine last night

MoMandaS Thu 17-Nov-16 18:54:19

Very common, I think. Once the initial bug has gone it can take ages to get back to normal function. Only thing that's ever worked for any of mine is probiotics (break open capsule and sprinkle into yoghurt or fruit puree) - health food shop should be able to help you find one suitable for his age.

bastedyoungturkey Thu 17-Nov-16 18:57:41

Yep, also sounds normal to me. I was going to say that if you can get into the gp without too much battle then it might be worth taking him, but as it's now 7pm on Friday night you won't be doing that. In my experience it can take a long time from the first vomit to the last runny nappy.

Hugs, bland foods and plenty of fluids.

RedLemonade Thu 17-Nov-16 18:58:22

I'd wake him. To get some fluids into him and just to suss him out because that is a long nap.

If he's in good form and drinking for you I'd wait it out assuming the vomiting has settled. Diarrhoea can go on 10-14 days, sometimes longer if they get a secondary lactose intolerance.

He hasn't had any blood in his poo has he?

puffinpants Sun 20-Nov-16 10:31:39

Sorry for the slow reply - no blood in his poo. Think it's slowly improving now
I think i just panicked a bit as it says 5-7 days on the NHS website and I took that at face value so it's reassuring to know its normal for it to continue past then

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