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Ds 13 - nosebleeds and now swollen lump inside nose?

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whojamaflip Thu 17-Nov-16 09:24:22

Ds 13 has been having frequent nosebleeds for the last 6 mths or so - deals with them fine so haven't really worried about them - dh and I both had the same as kids and grew out of it with no issues.

About a week ago ds started complaining of a sore bit on the end of his nose - looked like a spot coming up (he's that age!) so told him to use the antibacterial face wash and it would be fine.

He's woken up this morning running a temp, nose looks swollen and there's another lump inside his nostril on the other side (so 2 lumps)

I'm trying to work out if he needs to go see a doctor - part of me says the lumps will either come to a head with home remedies or will reduce and disappear of their own accord but part of me is thinking it might need antibiotics to get rid.

Any ideas?

dementedpixie Thu 17-Nov-16 11:45:56

Go and see the doctor about both the lumps and the nosebleeds. Dd has been prescribed nasal spray for nosebleeds before and my dh takes daily antihistamines and nasal spray for his as they can be allergy related.

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