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11 month old and sporadic vomiting

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Tusa Sun 13-Nov-16 17:03:37

So our 11 month old woke us up at 11pm on Friday night having been sick. He was sick a couple of more times that night - all standard gastrointestinal stuff. I just gave him breast milk all morning on Saturday and after 12 hours vom free I gave him a bit of bread, 4 hours later that came back up. I gave him another 12 hours with only breast milk and started him with a bit of pain porridge this morning and all seemed fine. He had a small bit of lunch and not much else today then he's just had another big episode. What worries me most is that (sorry if tmi) it's still full of porridge from 8 hours ago. He seems ok in himself, a bit tired and cranky buy nothing major. It's just unlike any sickness episode we've had with our eldest. Should I be worried? Thanks!

TheLongRains Tue 15-Nov-16 23:15:16

Hi Tusa, how is he doing now? We had a similar experience once, and I took her to the doctor after two days off it. Turned out to be nothing in our case, but the doctor said we'd definitely done the right thing by taking her in, as she'd really been throwing up every last ounce of anything that went in, so if it had been something then she'd have got weak very quickly (she was a small 8 month old at the time).

So, if you're still unsure, take him to be seen, though I'm sure you probably have by now!

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