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4 year old recovering from pstosis operation

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user1478871196 Fri 11-Nov-16 13:40:46

On Tuesday my four year old little boy had an eye operation at the children's hospital. He has pstosis of both eye lids and the operation lifted both of the lids suspending them from his brow. To say the experience was traumatic is not an understatement . We had prepared ourselves for it to be upsetting but it was far worse. He fought not to have the mask to go to sleep and was really aggressive when he woke up. He has been in a lot of pain and his face is very swollen and bruised. He is on pain killer medicane along with morphine than we can give him at home. I know it's only been three days but I'm worried about how he is. He is sleeping the majority of the day, will eat and drink a little but won't really talk or engage with me or my husband. He is so different to the little boy before the operation . I have called the hospital who said as long as he is eating and drinking and does not have a temperature not to worry just yet. I'm just looking for some advice on anyone else's experiences with either this operation or something similar. Any advice would be much appreciated xx

CaesiumTime Fri 11-Nov-16 18:41:25

It's perfectly normal for little one's to fight the mask and to be combative when they are walking up from General Anaesthesia - it's a very common reaction and is not at all indicative of anything negative. It is a shame that no one told you that in the hospital. It is very unlikely that your DS will remember the GA or the forceful use of the gas mask. I do sympathise with you though, I know it is a lot to process and it seems very brutal.

Even when I was 21 years old I woke up extremely combative from a GA and my DS has done the same, it took 5 of us to restrain him as the GA cleared one time, he was excessively combative and emotional.

If it was a long op it can take some time for his little body to recovery fully from the procedure, the General Anaesthesia and the morphine and pain meds will be making him lethargic too.

Keep him very well hydrated and monitor his temp, you are doing everything right by contacting the hospital with your concerns. When is his next follow up?

user1478871196 Fri 11-Nov-16 19:13:41

Thank you for your response. The operation was just over an hour, but apparently they put lots of anaesthetic in his eye lids during the operation which meant his face was very swollen. His follow up is on the 17th November at the children's hospital so not too long to wait. He's had a good hour awake and more alert today but off back to sleep now.
Thanks again for your reply xx

CaesiumTime Sun 13-Nov-16 11:40:26

How's your DS doing today? Been thinking of you, hope he's perking up and on the mend. flowers

user1478871196 Sun 13-Nov-16 16:08:02

Today has been a good day compared to the last five. He's been awake most of the day and is eating which Is a good thing. I tried to take him out for some fresh air earlier but his eyes are clearly really sensitive and he didn't like it. He's also got what looks like a film on the one eye which when my husband called the hospital they said was just a result of the drops and cream. Must be really uncomfortable for him though. He's getting there very slowly and I can't help but watch him like a hawk but fingers crossed its going in the right direction. Thank you for asking xx

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