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Threadworms in baby...

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Throughautomaticdoors Wed 09-Nov-16 23:15:18

Ds has kindly brought threadworms home from school. He's been treated and I've treated dh and me as a precaution.

However the baby (10 months) seems to be sleeping best badly. She can't settle and is very fidgety. The GP prescribed liquid ovex but I've been reluctant to give it as it says over 2? I know hygiene gets rid of them after six weeks but I don't think I can't cope with dd being like this for six weeks. Neither of us are getting any sleep... I haven't seen any evidence that she has them but presume it must be?

Should I just go ahead with the stuff the GP gave us?

Shootingstar2289 Thu 10-Nov-16 15:52:34

Hi, last year my son (five) caught threadworms too. At the time my daughter was four months and I was really worried she'd catch them. I was told you couldn't treat a baby as a precaution but could treat if they actually had them.

My son, myself and my partner took ovex. My daughter didn't really have any major symptoms at the all time , she was sleeping ok and assumed she'd missed them but I spotted one on her skin about two weeks after we were treated. I believe she probably had a mild case before my son and we were treated as I was so strict with hygiene that there's a very little chance she was infected since treatment.

Anyway, I took her to the GP who wanted to do a swab test to test for them. However, I told the doctor she definitely had them and showed him a photo I took of the worm on her leg and he prescribed medication.

I was worried about giving it to her. It was early evening by this time so decided to wait and give it to her so I could keep an eye on her all day after taking the medicine.

She was absolutely fine after the treatment. I did notice two more worms around her privates in the day or two afterwards but other than fine. One year on, we've had no signs of the little pests again.

I have invested in a better Hoover, a steam cleaner & change bedding weekly. I am still a paranoid wreck!

Good luck!

AltheaThoon Sat 12-Nov-16 22:45:06

My ds had worms at 10 months - I saw them so definitely knew. The dr first said there was nothing he could prescribe but then checked on his book and said I could give him ovex. He explained it wasn't licenced to be used over the counter but it was okay to be prescribed. Ds was fine and I saw plenty of the blighters in his nappy over the next couple of days.

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