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Meltdowns, is there more to this.

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sugarplumfairy28 Tue 08-Nov-16 10:49:11

DD is 5. We moved to Germany in 2014, and she has been at a German speaking Kindergarten since then - she speaks sufficient German that she passed her school entrance exam with flying colours, and her German is what they would expect of the 5 year old. I don't believe it is a language issue.

DD has always been stubborn, and boy does she have a pair of lungs on her. We have researched and tried as best we can to determine if she is just having a tantrum or if it is a meltdown. Unfortunately we seem to be having increasingly more meltdowns. At least once or twice a day from anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. This is a cut down version of the things to look for, that she consistently falls into.

A child might yell, cry, lash out, run away and/or shut down and withdraw.

The behavior tends to stop when she wears herself out or when there’s a change in the amount of sensory input she is experiencing. (Not when she is given what she says she 'wants')

Intense frustration.

Sudden changes in routine or expectations.

Not being able to communicate needs and wants.

She doesn’t respond to people’s reactions or attempts to talk to her.

She loses her ability to problem-solve and negotiate solutions.

She needs time to calm down and recover, even after a situation has been resolved.

I had to return to Kindergarten this morning as she was having a meltdown and was actually breaking furniture, unfortunately (in this situation) she is incredibly strong!

My husband suffers with Rapid Cycling Bipolar disorder, and a niece of ours has ADHD. I don't think she fits the symptoms for either of these, but as we do live in a foreign country and my German is basic I really want to see if there is more I can look into, and try and get an understanding of something if there is more to it before I go to a GP and get bamboozled by medical terminology in German.

Please any advice at all.

prokupatuskrakedatus Tue 08-Nov-16 16:23:19

sounds like DS when he was that age. He's on the spectrum (what used to be called Asperger's).
We are in Germany, too, and went through complete testing and diagnosis.

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