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Aortic stenosis

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mummybear1003 Wed 02-Nov-16 20:07:54

Hi I'm just wondering if anyone has any personal experience with aortic stenosis in their baby? My son was born with it and has so far had two balloon surgeries and is now waiting for his first open heart, he is 7 months old. I am worried that my son is not hitting the milestones that other babies in the groups we go to are. His surgeon has always been pretty evasive when I ask about things like this but I just want to know we're not alone. Like I said he's almost 8 months old and he still can't roll over either way or sit and nor is he showing any interest in doing any of this. But yeah basically I would love to be put in touch with other parents in a similar position to me just so we can talk and I can feel not so alone!

Laurendx Fri 04-Nov-16 20:56:27


I've sent you a private mail. I would
Also like to talk to other going through this.



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