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17 month old so pale and washed out all the time - v worried mum

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clurina32 Wed 02-Nov-16 16:15:23

Hoping there might be other mums out there who've experienced the same problem as we're are having with our smallest - girl who is coming up to 17 months.

She has recently had a couple of rounds of antibiotics due to 'pink and inflamed' ears, was never actually sure if they were infected or not. Ever since she first became ill (about 2 months ago) she has been SO pale and washed out with pink rims around her eyes. She really does look unwell. She's gone off her food and her sleeping has gone back to the likes of newborn days. We've been to the docs a couple of times since and each time he's checked her ears and throat, taken her temp but said she's probably just caught another virus.

I know its that time of year and she's at that age of being susceptible to catching every bug under the sun, but i'm wondering if these are the symptoms of anything else? Could it be an allergy? She has been teething on and off over this time too but it doesn't look like anything is pushing through at the moment.

Would love to hear some advice or feedback from someone! People notice how pale she is and comment on it, so its not just me being a neurotic mum ;)

thank you

FoggyMorn Wed 02-Nov-16 16:33:09

Has the GP done any blood tests? Full blood count etc? Because if not, I'd be pushing for the GP to do that asap on the small chance that something serious is going on with your DD (small chance and don't panic, but early detection =early treatment if she needs it). Xx

clurina32 Wed 02-Nov-16 17:06:28

Hi FoggyMorn no they haven't done any blood tests. They just keep palming it off as a 'another bug'. She does still put her finger in her ear from time to time like its blocked so thats why they keep checking her ears. The doctor did say it could be glue ear and to bring her back if she keeps pulling on her ears. I just have a feeling there's something else going on. I think i'll go back tomorrow and see if I can get a second opinion.

FoggyMorn Wed 02-Nov-16 18:32:32

I think that's a good idea- listen to your instincts on this, although it's far more likely to be nothing than something serious, I think this needs a bit more investigation.

If it was my DC, I'd be jotting down a list of the symptoms that she's had over the past couple of months that are new (or worse) that a before that... the loss of appetite, increased sleep, the pale skin (or the fact that other people have been commenting that she looks paler than her usual complexion). I'd be asking myself if other things have changed (diet, thirst, bowel habits, weight), and note them down. It's easier to remember your concerns if you write them down.

Also, if there are any things like anaemia or coeliac or t1 diabetes (or any other autoimmune disease) in close relatives, it's probably worth mentioning that too in case she may be showing early signs/symptoms of any of these (she would have a higher risk if close relatives have an autoimmune condition).

FoggyMorn Wed 02-Nov-16 18:35:53

2nd para... *than before that

clurina32 Wed 02-Nov-16 19:49:55

thanks for your advice, i'll definitely take her in again tomorrow and list all the symptoms.....again. Hopefully we'll get a blood test done. Thankfully we don't have any of those things you mentioned in the family, but anaemia did cross my mind. Fingers crossed its not any of those things!!

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