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Anyone else's little one gone from being a good eater to refusing most things?

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mrsm22 Tue 01-Nov-16 21:33:10


My child is 2.4 months old so nearly two and a half and has always been a brilliant eater. He has been given everything we have to eat meal-wise from the weaning stage, so if I made spag bol I'd blend it for him and cottage pie etc etc. He's always had a good appetite. About a month ago he has just started to refuse almost everything I offer to the point where meal times are becoming stressful for me as I have no idea what to make or offer. I'm not sure if it's fussy behaviour or a control thing, it just a strange sudden dislike of all my food. Sadly he's never been a big fan of frozen food like fish fingers, but he has just started being funny with food. For example, spag bol has always been a fave of his and something he will always eat. But the last few times I have made it, he has maybe 3 spoonfuls and then starts to spit it out saying either 'yuck' or 'I not like that' and he then eats a dish of the plain spaghetti which he seems to like a lot. Tonight I roasted a chicken as he's always liked that cut up finely with veg and rice and gravy. Again tonight he has eaten a few spoonfuls and then started to spit out and instead ate a dish of just the plain rice! He's doing it with nearly every meal and I have no idea why. I have thought maybe it's best to try making new meals for him to try but he refuses to try anything new. If I make a casserole he will just eat the mashed potatoes I make. Most nights at the moment he's ending up with completely plain pasta or plain rice and I give him a yogurt or pudding for after. I must add that he is yogurt crazy, he eats fruit and loves chocolate and sweet things. I don't offer him snacks late in the day. For breakfast he's always liked ReadyBrek or Weerabix but last few days is refusing and asking for yoghurt only. Has anyone has this problem?
I would greatly appreciate any advice or tips.
Thank you

Strawberry90 Sat 05-Nov-16 23:06:19

Yes - it's v typical at this age

Strawberry90 Sat 05-Nov-16 23:07:13

Just go with it and try and introduce foods back when you can. Don't make a big deal and keep offering the healthy stuff.

SenoritaViva Sat 05-Nov-16 23:08:09

Very normal!

AWitchOracular Sat 05-Nov-16 23:19:24

Yes, my son did exactly this at the same age - we spent a very tedious year or so with only plain carbs, fruit and of course cake being well received.

He's 8 now and still rather conservative with food, but much much better than he was. Keep doing what you're doing, try not to get stressed (easier said than done!) and your boy will probably come around smile

datingbarb Sat 05-Nov-16 23:22:38

It's normal my dd now 2.2 years done exactly the same for about 3/4 week everything was yuck and pushed away, she was a little better with lunches/ snacks etc but a nightmare with dinners.

I just totally ignored it, if she didn't eat it then it was just taken away and that was that... I didn't offer a alternative and plenty of nights she went to bed without dinner

She got over it and is eating again now

(She's my 4 th and everyone of mine did this around the same age)

My advise would be to just ignore they will not starve

Witchend Sun 06-Nov-16 16:19:06

Older, but yes.
Dd1 was knows as a brilliant eater-I don't think she refused anything as a baby or toddler.
She had pneumonia aged 8yo and hasn't eaten well since (she's 16yo) and had a steadily decreasing list of things she would eat. it hasn't decreased dramatically in the last few years, but at times it's difficult to find anything to feed her.

She also went from being a really good sleeper to having insomnia at that time too.

mrsm22 Mon 07-Nov-16 10:35:14

Thank you everyone who has responsed so far. So it seems to be quite common at this age. We actually saw an improvement with tea times from last Weds. He's best at breakfast time and his tea on an evening/late afternoon, but lunches are very difficult because he refuses almost everything. From last Weds I decided to bring his tea earlier and sat him down to eat at about 4.30pm and to my amazement he are his tea Weds, Thurs and Friday. I was thrilled and thought that I had cracked it by bringing the time a bit earlier. However Saturday and yesterday he's been dreadful with his teas. A few spoonfuls of spaghetti bolognese on Saturday eve but then put his spoon and fork down and was shaking his head saying he didn't want it and yesterday totally refused his tea and wanted fruit instead.
I will keep going and try not to stress.

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