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11 month baby has persistent dry cough!!!

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Lilypad29 Sun 30-Oct-16 23:47:55

My 11 month baby has a persistent dry cough. At the beginning of September she caught a cold that just wouldnt go away. Then a dry cough started. She would caugh so much to the point of vomiting. We took her to the hospital and Dr said could be whooping cough. Gave her antibiotics and within a couple of days she was sleeping soundly and seemed to improve.
Now antibiotics finished for about a week and cough is back with a tummy bug on top😞. Took her to dr again and she got a steroid for croup this time! Made no difference whatsoever and cough is worse than ever.
I've just had her sitting in the bathroom with the shower on for steam but hasn't really helped. Any advice????
I should say whooping cough diagnosis never confirmed as hospital messed up lab test swabs😣😣

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