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Possible hearing difficulties in 9mo baby

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LittleSausageFingers Sun 30-Oct-16 08:42:20

Not sure where is the best place to post, but just wondering if anything has experienced similar. DD is almost 9mo and a happy little thing, but we're starting to wonder if she is having some hearing difficulties. She totally ignores us calling her name, or any variety of nicknames we have for her, although I know a lot of babies of this age may still not respond to their name. Unlike the other babies we know of her age she doesn't seem to get startled or upset by loud noises, such as screeching, and she doesn't pay much attention to people playing musical instruments. She's not bothered by alarms, people dropping things (e.g. this morning DH dropped a spoon on the tiled floor, which wasn't the nicest sound, and she didn't even look up). Basically we struggle to get a response out of her to noises. The main reason we started to wonder is that when DH comes home in the evening and calls to her/makes noise she is completely oblivious (if she can't see him). If she can see him then she gets really excited trying to be picked up.

It's so difficult to judge with her as she gets so engrossed with her toys/getting into mischief that maybe she's just not paying attention. All in all though i think we have reason to question if she can hear properly.

Otherwise, she's a lovely happy little thing. Gross and fine motor skills all good, very sociable, really attached to me and DH. She makes vowel noises, blows raspberries and makes a throaty, gurgling ggggggg noise a lot, but no mama/dada etc sounds yet.

Newborn hearing screen was fine and she doesn't have an excess amount of wax in her ears. GP has referred us to audiologist. I'm not sure if I'm being PFB and she's just ignoring us, or if my concerns are valid.

Anyone with advice/experience? Many thanks.

user1471507699 Sun 30-Oct-16 16:25:22

I'm a Speech Therapist, so work in a similar field but am definitely not an expert. Sounds like you have done the right thing getting referred to the audiologist to check her hearing. However it may well be more about her attention like you say. Developing speech sounds is a good sign she is hearing speech, which is usually harder to hear than loud noises. Children also often have single-channelled attention under 2, they can only focus on one thing at a time. I hope you get seen soon to work out what is going on. Hearing loss can be subtle and sometimes fluctuating e.g. due to glue ear so definitely worth checking.

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