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16 week old night congestion

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Kazups22 Sun 30-Oct-16 03:37:49

Hi all just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. For the last 3 weeks my 16 week old has been waking up with a stuffy nose anywhere between 4-6am. Shes fine during the day and most of the night but in the early hours its awful. For example she will wake up at 6am all bunged up but soon as shes properly awake shes fine. I have tried her with central heating and without, elevating pillow, dusting properly. Shes the same in different rooms and even when i stay at my mums. Gp says it's normal so just curious to see if anyone else has come across this.
Thank you

FedUpBird Sun 30-Oct-16 03:39:37

Saline nose drops are good for this, both my DD and DS suffered with stuffy noses and the drops cleared it every time

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