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What, if anything, is wrong with my DS?

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Biscuitsneeded Fri 28-Oct-16 21:47:29

DS 2 is 9. He's hypermobile, which was diagnosed when he was late to walk. Finds writing tiring and difficult. He's very quick to understand things like board games, numbers etc but he struggles to concentrate at school so doesn't ever perform very well. At other times he is so engrossed in something it's like he's on another planet. I have to say everything to him many, many times as he claims he doesn't hear me. He's not hyperactive, but he can get very, very giddy and silly. He bruises very easily and is quite clumsy, but oddly doesn't seem to feel pain very often. For example I will notice a huge bruise on him and ask how it happened and he will genuinely have no recollection. It took him 2 whole years to master riding a bike, and during that time he would fall off regularly, yet get straight back on the bike. And he still has toilet accidents of both kinds. I had been putting that down to his attention issues, but he insists he can't always feel when he needs the loo and is genuinely surprised when a wee or poo pops out. He's a sweet-natured and easy-going little chap with plenty of friends, although to me he seems quite immature compared to his older brother at the same age. Sometimes I think this all just a part of his personality and attention issues, but at other times it really feels like something in his brain misfires and he doesn't know that he's hurt himself, or needs a wee, or that someone has been trying to get his attention. Does this ring any bells for anyone?

Biscuitsneeded Mon 31-Oct-16 17:11:39


ineedamoreadultieradult Mon 31-Oct-16 17:15:38

I haven't got a clue but didn't want your post to go unanswered, have you asked the Dr about these issues?

Biscuitsneeded Mon 31-Oct-16 19:46:30

Thanks. He's been seen by a paediatrician for the attention/inattention issues - the verdict was it might be ADD but not severe enough to warrant any more investigation unless things got worse. Hypermobility just is what it is - he has had chunky pencils to use and writing slopes in the past. What nobody has looked at is whether any of these things add up to be something in particular, or whether they're just a random collection of things. I might take him back to the GP but I don't want to waste anyone's time. I just have a feeling there's something.

Thebookswereherfriends Mon 31-Oct-16 19:49:35

What about dyspraxia?

eeyore2 Mon 31-Oct-16 19:51:49

He sounds a lot like my son who was recently diagnosed with dyspraxia

Pocketsizedpixie Mon 31-Oct-16 19:53:16

The bruising and digestive issues could all be connected to his hypermobility. Do you have an Elehrs Danlos diagnosis?

I'm not sure that it would have anything to do with his being able to concentrate or not however.

Biscuitsneeded Mon 31-Oct-16 20:43:31

I wondered about dyspraxia when he was smaller but because he is so determined by nature he usually ends up mastering the things he starts off not being able to do eg riding a bike, playing football. And he is a demon climber and has superb upper body strength when doing things like monkey bars - that doesn't look like dyspraxia to me. The Ehlers Danlos possibility is interesting because I didn't know it could cause incontinence. Again, he doesn't fit all the criteria, but it's worth thinking about... Thanks.

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