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chocolatecakemakesmefat Fri 28-Oct-16 17:09:35

Ds (4 next month) had a random prick finger test today at gp (3pm) he's been very thirsty and tired unlike him it came back 7.0 he's hardly eaten today biscuit and toast early this morning he also has asd so a poor eater at the best of times gp has scheduled a fasting blood test for 4 weeks time confused says that it should be between 4.0 - 7.0 so he's just within normal should I be worried? All he's drank today is dilutin juice (no sugar)

MissClarke86 Fri 28-Oct-16 17:13:14

I wouldn't "worry". Obviously diabetes isn't good news, but when controlled it is fine and he will have a perfectly normal life. The technology they have to help children with it these days is incredible.

7 does seem a little high for hours after eating, but you are doing the right thing by getting him checked. There's not much more you can do.

MissClarke86 Fri 28-Oct-16 17:14:55

What time did he have breakfast? Did he have no lunch?

Bread and biscuit is quite carby and would be slow release so COULD be 7 a few hours later, but I'd be surprised if It was say a very early 6am brekky with nothing else until 3pm.

chocolatecakemakesmefat Fri 28-Oct-16 17:17:29

It was about 8am he gets up at 7 , he's a really poor eater at the best of times but it has gotten worse lately , I thought about going to the chemist tomorrow and buying a monitor just to keep an eye on it over the next few weeks until the blood test but don't want to be seen as an overly anxious neurotic mother confused

chocolatecakemakesmefat Fri 28-Oct-16 17:17:58

And nope no lunch was offered a few things but refused sad

AppleMagic Fri 28-Oct-16 17:23:39

If he hadn't eaten since the morning it could well be that his liver has been pumping out sugar to compensate.

7 is at the higher end of normal but would be lower than you'd expect to see for a child with undiagnosed type 1.

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