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4 months and a bad tummy

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Tinker16 Wed 26-Oct-16 08:05:27

Morning all

Please could anyone offer some advice?
My LO is 4 months old & bottle fed. He had always gone to the toilet about every other or every third day. It always seemed quite hard work ( red faced, grunting, sweat)

But today is the 6th day of him having an upset tummy. He's fine in himself, no temp, not off food, still happy and smiley etc etc
But his nappies are not good, please excuse the TMI but basically he's doing incredibly wet farts lots and needed his nappy changed frequently, even in the middle of the night.

So my question is, could a bug last this long? (There are 3 more of us in the house who haven't been poorly though?)
Is it possibly teething?
Or perhaps is this just how his nappies are now? Does anyone else with a FF baby have any experience of going from less frequently and struggling a bit to going lots? Maybe this is more normal?

I just don't know and I'm worried about him!

Thanks so much xx

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