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Diaganoised with Adhd medicine worry !!!

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user1477294260 Mon 24-Oct-16 17:15:27

My daughter age 6 has been diaganosed with ADHD and I've have her medicine medikinet 5mg for over a week . I'm so scared to give it too her ! Is there anyone else been or in the same situation as me 😥 At a birthday party yesterday the other children bullied her and ran away calling her stupid!!! She was miss popular in reception and year 1 and now the children are so horrible . I know I have to give her the medicine for social and educational reasons but I'm so worried for her . Thank you for reading this x

EwanWhosearmy Mon 24-Oct-16 17:34:05

Recent thread here

What is the problem with giving it to her? Presumably it has been prescribed by an expert who feels she needs it.

5mg is a really small dose. My 9yo is on 15mg, having started on 10mg at 7 1/2.

user1477294260 Mon 24-Oct-16 18:58:59

I'm just worried her personality will change and all the possible side effects ! Did you notice a big difference when you started it . They wanted to start her on 10 but I feel 5 is better for now

veganburgerqueen Mon 24-Oct-16 19:57:41

Our DS began taking Medikinet aged 6. For us it wasn't a choice as he had been permanently excluded from primary school, so we were desperate to try anything which would help him to integrate educationally and socially.
Of course you are worried - it is a massive step to voluntarily medicate your child - however you need to remember that you are agreeing to it for her benefit.
I presume you are aware of the way in which Medikinet works? For DS taking the medicated calmed his thinking enough to help him to make good choices, and to concentrate and complete tasks.
ADHD can be very distressing for a child. For our DS having the condition itself effected his personality. He knew he was different to other children but couldn't modulate himself as other children did. DS became very depressed and withdrawn because of it. However, we found that with the medication our DS was much calmer and more like his old self, rather than like a little ping pong ball! Socially DS was better able to manage himself and interact with his peers in a calmer manner. He was still himself, just a calmer, more sensible, less volatile version! It's worth pointing out that Medikinet can suppress appetite a little. However your DDs doctor or psychiatrist will monitor this. We got round it by giving DS a decent breakfast and supper and we were easily able to maintain his weight. He also has mild nausea and a headache for the first few days but this soon passed. These kinds of side effects are to be expected but for our DS well worth it.
He is now a teenager and still on Medikinet (40mg!!). He is in school full-time and is doing well. Make sure that your DDs school is giving the appropriate support because medication isn't a magic wand; behaviour strategies and support are also key to helping her thrive in school. We also completed a Triple P parenting course to make sure DH and I were on the same page with behaviour at home.
Good luck and I hope it all works out.

user1477294260 Mon 24-Oct-16 21:02:00

Thank you for all your comments and advice and feel so much better after reading your experiences ! My daughter eats so little anyway so is a worry but I'm sure it will all work out ! Thank you x

prokupatuskrakedatus Mon 24-Oct-16 21:18:25

The best of luck from me, too.

DS (ADHS and Aspergers) is on medication since he was six - he's now a teenager on 40 mg retard, too.
He is very much himself, but - with medication he is able to endure a schoold day, he is able to make friends and keep them, his brain is able to ignore the scratching of pens, the breathing of the child next to him, the constant changes and new set ups teachers are so fond of, etc. He has been able to learn how to calm down, how to deal with panic and anxiety, how to focus on things that have to be done.

DD started at 8y and stopped when she started puberty. In those 4 years she managed to learn - with medication and training - how to live with her ADS (without H). It's not gone, but managed.

Of course, we as parents had to learn to parent accordingly, to give the right amount of structure, to help form those habits that can perhaps make a life without medication possible. When I lo back I think we must have appeared quite strange to other parents smile
And we were very lucky to find supportive teachers.

Luckily for DC there were no side effects, DS is seen by his psychiatrist every 7 weeks and by his GP (for bloods) every 3 month.

quicklydecides Mon 24-Oct-16 21:21:03

Ask your psychiatrist.
Don't ask strangers on the internet.

user1477294260 Mon 24-Oct-16 22:30:36

Thank you ! I have talked to my doctor numerous times for advice but really nice to hear other stories ! I don't know anyone with children with ADHD so nice to feel not so alone !

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