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Low IGa antibodies and coeliac

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SpoonBender Sat 22-Oct-16 21:13:11

Just looking for some advice/ reassurance. My dc has just had some blood tests show she has low iga antibodies which means it could have given a false negative coeliac screen? We are waiting on repeat blood tests but I'm obviously worrying she now has coeliac disease. Is this a high possibility? Any advice would be great. Thanks

AMR123456 Tue 01-Nov-16 00:25:42

Hi can I ask did your DD have a good amount of gluten containing products in the lead up to her initial blood test? You can get false negative results if not taking in enough gluten. The gold standard for diagnosis is a scope & biopsies. Does your DD have symptoms of coeliacs ?
My DD is going for scope next month to rule out coeliacs (I have it so she's at increased risk of having it) despite having negative blood tests. She's had ongoing symptoms for 3 months now so they want to rule it out & biopsy the only way.
I hope you get some answers soon x

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