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Info about sleep study?

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alinye Tue 18-Oct-16 18:39:56

My 2yr old daughter is having a sleep study for suspected Sleep Apnoea next week and was wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge of it?
I was told by the ward that I should 'google it' if I have any questions which obviously I do, so was just wondering if anyone else had been through it.
Thanks x

Nowthereistwo Tue 18-Oct-16 18:47:40

My 2yr old dd had one at home.
A nurse came out and told us how the machine worked and how to fit monitor to her big toe. Our dd was interested in it so we showed her.

We waited till she was asleep and wrapped monitor to her toe and luckily it stayed there all night. They give you a few nights to make sure you get a clean reading.

Then nurse collected.

Our dd has now had her tonsils and adenoids out as she turned 3. Feel free to ask any other questions

alinye Tue 18-Oct-16 19:11:03

Thank you for that!
As we have to stay in the ward, we are only doing one night which bothers me a bit. Will be typical that it's the one night she probably doesn't have a problem!
Glad the equipment isn't anything major, fingers crossed no tantrums! :D
We'll see how it goes x

Nowthereistwo Tue 18-Oct-16 19:53:10

It might be worth asking if they do a home option as you'll all sleep better

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