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Pain in hip

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destinywidow Tue 18-Oct-16 18:00:25

My 9 year old Ds has had a sharp stabbing pain in the back of his hips today. This morning it was his right side and this afternoon it was his left. He is struggling to walk and sitting hurts too. Saw gp twice today, the first said he had no idea, keep an eye on him. Second gp gave him a good work over, moved his legs around to see when it hurt and said she thinks it's a pulled muscle, give him painkillers and she'll review in a couple of days.

So people of Mumsnet any ideas?? Nothing sinister lurking around with pain in hips is there??

He's had this pain in and off for a month but today was the worst, he's never screamed before.

mumto2two Wed 19-Oct-16 08:26:05

My daughter has had something similar, and although she has a lot of other health issues relating to immune deficiency, in this regard they concluded it was just an irritable hip, which is apparently quite common in children. After about 2 weeks her limp & pain improved, but she still has the odd niggle here & there. Having said that, am sure your GP would investigate other possibilities too, juvenile arthritis etc. Hope it is resolved soon

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