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Sore leg and limping almost week after men b jab almost 4 yr old

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doublehelpings Tue 18-Oct-16 07:29:14


Has anyone else had this? Had DD vaccinated privately for men b. This was the 2nd dose.

First dose her and her sister couldn't walk for 12 hours as injection site in leg hurt.

2nd dose and DD has had a sore leg and unable to weight bear for 2 days. Took her to out of hours at weekend and GP said the jab hit a sore spot and she performed a few tests to see if she could bend and push with leg and all fine. Noticed groin gland bit swollen. A few hours after DD was walking again happily but after some activity Sunday and yesterday her leg is hurting again and she has a slight limp.

Anyone else had this with child after a jab in the leg? Not sure whether to go back to GP today or to give it more time. GP at the weekend said to go back yesterday if still sore but it only seemed sore at the end of yesterday and not overly so and this was after dance class so wondering whether it just needs a bit of rest.

doublehelpings Thu 20-Oct-16 06:36:57

Update - went GP after posting who did another set of simple neurological tests and said it is just a nasty vaccination and her DS was quite poorly after it. Her leg was fine yesterday but she woke in the night a few times complaining of pain.

It was a week ago yesterday we had the vaccination. Anyone had anything similar with a jab? Been GP twice not sure what else to do.

ICSH1 Thu 20-Oct-16 10:40:44

I had my 4 year old vaccinated with the same thing and we didn't suffer any after effects. That said every child reacts very differently to jabs but I know this one has a bit of a reputation for being brutal. We had it in the arm- I'm not sure if that made a difference?

mrsmortis Mon 24-Oct-16 13:14:27

My DDs had the jabs in their arm. DD1 reported it hurting to lift her arm about shoulder height for about a week afterwards. DD2 had a temp and was generally unwell the day after the first jab. I checked with the doctor who gave them the jabs and he said they were within the expected range of side effects. Six months later and there is definitely no permanent change, except immunity I hope.

It's definitely not a nice jab - but my MIL had full blown meningitis about a decade ago and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy let alone my own kids.

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