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FiveMoreMinutesPlease Mon 17-Oct-16 18:11:22

Hi, has anyone any experience of these? I've just to to the dr with DD who has a lump on the back of her ear lobe. I thought it was an infection from her ear piercing but the DR says it's a keloid and prescribed Fucibet to help flatten it. I've just been googling them and have now completely freaked myself out by the images. I must never Google after going to tHe GP. Has anyone had this?

secretfreckle Sun 23-Oct-16 22:27:02

Yes, I got a large one behind one of my ears after I had them pierced (when I was in my early twenties). I had to take my earrings out and let both ears 'grow over' unfortunately. I was very embarrassed about the keloid (have short hair) and before I got married I had surgery to remove it. It's now fine. I was never offered medication like your daughter; hope it works!

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