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Periced ear sore -the way she slept or something else

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als30 Mon 17-Oct-16 00:49:22

Daughter got her ears periced in February at claires and yes i know they are people who will say don't go to claires or get periced ears from a gun but hey mine were done by a gun in a chemist when i was young alot younger than my daughter is now
Anyway i stopped using the stuff they give you and used a salt solution
I noticed the earrings from claires were going a funny colour so changed her earrings to 9carrot gold h samels
Things have been fine till tonight it looks a little red and a wee bit swollen she said it was sore this morning when she got up but has been ok all day
Im not sure if its the way she slept on that side or if its got caught and shes tugged it
Any ideas??

Ive touched it doesnt feel warm and she says it feels fine and not sore

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