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Knee walker for DS in plaster?

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cakedup Fri 14-Oct-16 14:29:05

DS (11) has leg in plaster for two weeks. Currently using crutches. Going back to school on Monday all being well.

I don't drive but school is a few minutes walk. So he will need to use crutches to get there and back (with my help obviously) and also, as he is at secondary school, to get to each lesson. Crutches are exhausting and a pain in the arse for anyone who hasn't used them.

So I've come across this www.strideon.co.uk/index.php
Anyone's DC ever used one? Good or bad idea?

Witchend Fri 14-Oct-16 18:14:39

I know an adult who has one. Only thing I'd say is everyone wants a go, and not sure how well it would last with a group of rowdy 11yos all having their go. grin

cakedup Fri 14-Oct-16 20:52:54

Ha yes, but I imagined they'd be all over the crutches as well!

Fuckoffdailymailnobs Fri 14-Oct-16 20:56:52

I saw a teen propelling himself into fracture clinic with one when dd had a broken wrist.looked awesome

cakedup Fri 14-Oct-16 22:05:36

I would obviously have to test it myself, you know, for safety and stuff.

sleepy16 Sat 15-Oct-16 06:48:36

My son badly broke his ankle and had to have a cast (after an op) for 9 weeks.
I know not what you asked for, but we found dropping him of a bit later after school started (so he didn't get knocked in the rush) and picked up a bit early helped.
Also in secondary they have to go to a lot of lessons so you might want to ask the school if he could leave each lesson a few mins earlier as one it will be busy at those times, and two he might take longer to get to each lesson.

cakedup Mon 17-Oct-16 22:38:15

Thanks for that sleepy16. School have said they will give him a pass to enable him to use the lift and to leave lessons 5 minutes earlier. The only thing is, I'm not sure how that will work because no way will DS remember to leave 5 minutes before, and not sure if all the teachers will remember either?

JsOtherHalf Tue 18-Oct-16 23:00:50

Have you seen the iwalker? I have no personal experience, but leaves your hands free.


Meadows76 Tue 18-Oct-16 23:12:21

Lol, he will be just fine with crutches

dailymaillazyjournos Wed 19-Oct-16 04:54:22

Unless he has a problem that will make using regular crutches very difficult, I think for 2 weeks he'll be fine with them.

ShelaghTurner Wed 19-Oct-16 05:23:36

Crutches will be OK but my 8yo had them for four weeks last year and she was utterly exhausted and found them painful to use. I'd have hired one of these if I'd known about it.

cakedup Wed 19-Oct-16 09:52:22

JsOtherHalf wow that looks amazing, what a great idea! I often wondered how I'd cope (as a lone parent) if I'd hurt one of my limbs so it's good to know this stuff is out there. However, it looks as though you have to buy one of these (no hiring options) which is too expensive. I did chuckle at the photos of people using them on the website though...people grooming their horses, shovelling snow, mowing the lawn, playing golf...I mean surely you'd just take a few weeks off if you broke your leg?!

Well DS said he felt self conscious about going to school in a knee walker. It didn't help my dad coming over and coming out with comments like "He's a strong young lad, he doesn't need of those things!" But after a day of crutches, DS started having second thoughts ( as ShelaghTurner says, crutches are exhausting).

However, it's nearly half term now which he will be spending mostly at home anyway. Although we're back at the fracture clinic this Friday due to intense sporadic pain returning so will re-consider if he has to be plaster for longer than expected.

fairiedemon Wed 19-Oct-16 09:57:30

cakedup I have a knee walker sitting in my garage from when I broke my foot a few years ago (so I could still walk the dog!) -PM me if you want it as I'm more than happy to let it go to a good home if you can pick up/cover the postage cost.

cakedup Wed 19-Oct-16 10:21:31

That's so kind of you fairiedemon , will pm you now.

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