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Unwell toddler not drinking

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maybethedayafter Wed 12-Oct-16 14:02:25

She has a cough/cold and we're watching her closely as she has chronic lung disease and we know it can go to her chest very quickly. She has had a couple of bites of flapjack today and only one drink of water. She was only done one wee when she woke up around 7am (7 hours ago). DH took her to urgent care today as they were in a car accident on Saturday and although she was checked out on the scene, she has still been complaining of aches and pains (including on her ribs) and with the cough we thought it best to get it checked. The Dr said there's no sign of skeletal injury and she's just got a cough/cold at the same time coincidently.

She is currently sleeping on the sofa but I'm going to wake her soon to try to get her to drink something. She has said her throat hurts so I assume that's why she's refusing but she won't even let us give her Calpol to ease it, she just gets upset and the more worked up she gets the more she'll cough and it will make it all worse.

Does anyone have any tips to get fluids into her? She will only drink water and milk but she is refusing both, she won't even try fruit juice or squash. I'm going to see if she'll have some soup and I'm going to get DH to buy some ice cream to give that a go, but she doesn't really like ice cream.

How long should we leave her without taking any fluids or passing urine before we get her checked?

Tunafishandlions Wed 12-Oct-16 14:07:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

maybethedayafter Wed 12-Oct-16 15:47:49

She woke up and wouldn't have water but said she'd have some milk so she had 100ml. She then ate a sausage and seemed much brighter but now she's thrown everything up sad On the plus side she did do a wee after the milk so I'm not too concerned about that. I just feel awful for her because she still gives that horrible pleading look where she thinks I have some control over it and I'm just choosing not to make it stop. She's currently curled up on my chest, coughing continuously while DH tries to get DD2 to take a bottle. I can hear her crying in the kitchen. This is one of those times I wish I could clone myself!

Mishaps Wed 12-Oct-16 15:49:55

Ice lollies are definitely the way to go - or ice cream.

maybethedayafter Wed 12-Oct-16 15:56:24

She's a weird child though who doesn't like ice lollies! I'll give it a go though. I'm prepared to try anything.

Igottastartthinkingbee Wed 12-Oct-16 15:57:42

A gp recently told me that jelly is a good way to sneak fluid and sugar into a vomiting/sickness bug child. And to give dialoryte mixed with juice/cordial/whatever just to get something into them. It's the one time not to worry about giving sugary things as fluid is the main objective. If you're worried though go to your gp or out of hours gp.

Sirzy Wed 12-Oct-16 15:58:12

Can you syringe 10mls if fluid in every 10 mins or so?

PinkSwimGoggles Wed 12-Oct-16 15:58:41

jelly is also good.
or a sports drink.
hell, if they are unwell even cola is good if that's all they would drink imo

that he had a wee is a good sign.

Igottastartthinkingbee Wed 12-Oct-16 15:59:17

Oh and if possible get the child to drink small sips so there's less chance of vomiting.

maybethedayafter Wed 12-Oct-16 15:59:53

She doesn't like jelly confused

It sounds like I have the fussiest child in the land! She's not too bad, she's just not a big fan of sweet food.

PinkSwimGoggles Wed 12-Oct-16 16:06:44

would she like warm
water with a little stock powder?

callmeadoctor Wed 12-Oct-16 16:22:45

I think I would be tempted to take her to a walk in centre if you can. Not drinking is a worry for you x

maybethedayafter Wed 12-Oct-16 16:58:39

She woke up and said she wouldn't have water but she'd have some medicine so I made some black currant and apple squash and put it in a syringe (told her it was pink medicine like Calpol). I gave her the tiniest bit and she said she didn't like it and cried! But then she asked for water to get the taste out of her mouth so in a roundabout way it worked! She has perked up a lot but she's very out of breath. We're keeping a very close eye on her. I never really trust my reactions because sometimes I over react and sometimes I under react.

maybethedayafter Wed 12-Oct-16 16:59:46

She would probably like some warm water with stock - I'll give that a go. At the moment she's fairly untrusting of anything we try to offer her though!

Joneseygirl77 Wed 12-Oct-16 17:35:43

Could you maybe try some very watered down soup? Nothing too strongly flavoured but it will help with the liquids intake and also warmth might help her chest?

maybethedayafter Wed 12-Oct-16 19:37:59

She drank some more water but wouldn't eat anything. I'm really upset. Since DD2 was born DD1 has only wanted Daddy but today she has just said repeatedly "I want Daddy" " I want to give Daddy a cuddle". Even in the time she's wanted him she's always wanted me when she's hurt or ill but not now. She wouldn't even give me a kiss or a cuddle good night.

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