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Baby/toddler constipation- success story

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Alexander070515 Tue 11-Oct-16 09:10:55

I just thought I would share our success story of solving my little boys constipation problem as I know there are so many others that suffer with it. Maybe it could help others.

My son is 17months now and was exclusively BF until weaning at 6months. I continued to BF alongside weaning, eventually stopping at 15months. His dirty nappies were normal before weaning. He suffers from mild/moderate excema. Once solids really kicked in to his diet, he started to struggle creating dirty nappies. Looking back, they were never right once we started weaning. He would struggle to pass anything, it would always cause his huge discomfort, stress and tears. We managed to control it, just, with diet as per the Doctors suggestion but it was still a struggle to be honest and far from right.

At about 1 year old, it got so bad we went back to the Dr and tried Lactulose, which did nothing at all. We were then prescribed Movicol which did the trick really well, too well really. For the next 5months he was having 2 sachets a day of movicol. Anything less and he bunged up again.His dirty nappies were a mess though, always leaking, he often woke in a very dirty nappy, but he was so much happier in himself throughout the day.

We have seen a Consultant who suspects a dairy intolerance so were referred to a dietician. We also saw an excema specialist, who said that his type of excema wasnt the type associated with dairy intolerance (Excema and allergies are part of the same group of problems so if you have one, they suspect you may be prone to the other) and she didnt want me to take dairy out of his diet as this might create allergies later on due to his excema. The dietician saw no problem with his diet.So I was being told one thing from one specialist and something else from another!!!! Ahhhh, frustration!!

So I turned to the internet, we tried a week of no dairy, it didnt make any difference. Then I discovered the talk of FLAXSEED. This has changed everything for us. Its a seed, not a treatment, a man made laxative or anything like that, its just food that has a very high fibre content. We bought the pre ground/milled stuff (you have to grind it if you buy the whole seeds) for convenience, we put a spoonful in his weetabix every morning and the change was instant. Gone was the movicol and he started to be text book in the dirty nappy department. Once a day, no tears or straining. I couldn't believe it.

After about 3 weeks, his dirty nappies started to become looser again. I cant be sure if this was the effect of the flaxseed or the virus that he picked up around that time, but either way, we stopped the flax seed for a couple of days as he didnt need it, and that was 2 weeks ago and now he doesnt take anything at all. It's almost like the flaxseed gave his bowel the kick start to working properly. Things might change but for now we have a very happy little boy who has no problem passing a bowel movement any more, with not a laxative in sight.

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