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Need a recommendation for a very good orthodontist

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LaCerbiatta Mon 10-Oct-16 13:44:32

Dd has complicated teeth and following a bit of a cock up at the hospital where she's being followed we want a second opinion from a top shot orthodontist. We're in Cambridge so anyone around here or in London would be ideal.


LaCerbiatta Mon 10-Oct-16 17:45:56


LaCerbiatta Tue 11-Oct-16 11:53:35

One last hopeful bump..

SilverLining Wed 12-Oct-16 11:30:24

We've just finished at the Limes in Bishops Stortford - been very pleased and have worked wonders on DDs teeth - we saw Carlos and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!

Bobochic Wed 12-Oct-16 12:27:12

Try The Dentist Gallery.

LaCerbiatta Thu 13-Oct-16 11:04:35

Thank you both!

KARMAisaB Thu 13-Oct-16 11:08:53

St. George's Hospital- they have a comprehensive maxillofacial department there smile

LaCerbiatta Thu 13-Oct-16 12:12:25


befairdontjudge Sat 15-Oct-16 22:33:45

Virginia Rootkin in Birmingham.

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