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Toddler sleeping longer than usual

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Bohemond Sun 09-Oct-16 08:35:02

DS 21 months is a bit peaky. No temp yesterday but didn't eat anything. Did drink and had two bottles of milk. Quiet and a bit clingy but no other signs of illness.

He slept 13 hours the night before last. 2.5 hours nap yesterday and is still asleep at the moment (13 hours again).

Is breathing fine and shifting around as usual.

Should I be concerned or is he likely to just be sleeping off whatever virus he has?

NickyEds Sun 09-Oct-16 08:37:02

My ds always sleeps longer when he gets a bug, it's just what he needs to recover. I wouldn't be overly concerned.

cosmicglittergirl Sun 09-Oct-16 08:38:04

Normal. It's just them getting over it.

Bohemond Sun 09-Oct-16 08:42:45

Thanks ladies - I'll leave him and enjoy a long shower!

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